Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Research


C.B. Rivela, C.M. Tovar, M.A. Teruel, I. Barnes, P. Wiesen, M.B. Blanco
CFCs replacements: Reactivity and atmospheric lifetimes of a series of
hydrofluoroolefins towards OH radicals and Cl atoms
Chem. Phys. Lett., 714, 190 – 196 (2019),

C.B. Rivela, C.M. Tovar, R.G. Gibilisco, M.A. Teruel, P. Wiesen, M.B. Blanco
Products distribution and mechanism of the OH-initiated tropospheric degradation of three CFCs replacements candidates: CH3CF=CH2, (CF3)2C=CH2 and (E/Z)-CF3CF=CHF
RSC Advances, 9, 5592 – 5598 (2019),

A.J. Cardona, R.G. Gibilisco, M.B. Blanco, P. Wiesen and M. Teruel
Gas-phase degradation of 2-butanethiol initiated by OH radicals and Cl atoms: kinetics, product yields and mechanism at 298 K and atmospheric pressure
RSC Advances, 9, 22618 – 22626 (2019),

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