Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Research


J.P. Colomer, M.B. Blanco, A.B. Peñéñory, I. Barnes, P. Wiesen, M.A. Teruel
FTIR gas-phase kinetic study on the reactions of OH radicals and Cl atoms with unsaturated esters: Methyl-3,3-dimethylacrylate, (E)-ethyl tiglate and methyl-3-butenoate
Atmos. Environ., 79, 546–552 (2013),

E. Bossioli, M. Tombrou, C. Helmis, R. Kurtenbach, P. Wiesen, K. Schäfer, A. Dandou, K.V. Varotsos
Issues related to aircraft take-off plumes in a mesoscale photochemical model
Science of the Total Environment, 456–457, 69-81 (2013),

S. Peters, I. Bejan, R. Kurtenbach, S. Liedtke, G. Villena, P. Wiesen, and J. Kleffmann
Development of a new LOPAP Instrument for the Detection of O3 in the Atmosphere
Atmos. Environ., 67, 112–119 (2013),

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