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Press Review

10.08.2023 Be able to better predict the effects of climate change: ARCADE satellite successfully launched into space

04.08.2023 On the trail of greenhouse gases: research aircraft HALO starts to a new measurement campaign

01.08.2023 Wuppertal's temperature measurements at an altitude of 100 kilometers: atmospheric- and environmental researcher Christoph Kalicinsky lives and works in a long-term experiment

27.04.2023 Climate research at the highest level: EU initiative ACTRIS receives new status

24.03.2023 New insights into the distribution of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over India

10.02.2023 „Breathe2Change“ – new air quality measurement network in Tucuman/Argentina

28.11.2022 Atmospheric physicists study climate variations over time

03.11.2022 Kick-off meeting of the Interdisciplinary Center for Atmosphere and Environment

22.06.2022 Atmospheric researchers from the new research infrastructure ACTRIS-D meet in Leipzig for the first time

08.03.2022 "Because they don't do what they know"

17.02.22 "Like a giant elevator" - new rapid routes of ozone-depleting substances into the stratosphere

05.08.21 Atmospheric research in Germany is being expanded significantly: Bergische Universität part of the new research infrastructure

06.11.20 New interdisciplinary center for atmosphere and environment founded

21.02.20 BMBF promotes collaborative project for understanding climate change

19.09.19 "ACTRIS-D" works on better forecasts for air quality, weather and climate

21.06.19 Scientists from Wuppertal participate in "LecturesForFuture"

18.01.19 Researchers from Wuppertal measure the temperature of the upper atmosphere from space

29.08.18 Research mission in Kap Verde: Use HALO to investigate air pollution over the Atlantic

03.08.18 New research field for atmospheric chemists: Project for indoor air pollution started

21.03.18 Research aircraft HALO measures emissions from Asian mega-cities

28.02.2018 Prof. Dr. Martin Riese was appointed to the Advisory Group of the satellite mission FORUM

16.01.2018 How fast does the detergent of the the atmosphere work? German-Argentine cooperation project on atmospheric chemistry started

19.12.2017 Air chemists from Wuppertal examine the air quality in Cologne Cathedral

06.09.2017 Physicist Prof. Dr. Ralf Koppmann appointed to the scientific advisory board

02.08.2017 Flights into the unknown: With the high-altitude research plane to the upper floors of the Asian monsoon

20.07.2017 Researchers collect air from Wuppertal: Air sampler from the University of Wuppertal on the way with the HALO research aircraft

09.05.2017 Spectrometer from Wuppertal flies on Chinese research satellite: Cooperation agreement signed

03.05.2017 Doctoral student in physics Michael Deiml wins student competition

24.03.2017 Temperature measurement in the upper atmosphere: Miniature satellite successfully tested

16.02.2017 Two guest scientists from Latin America visit atmospheric chemists from Wuppertal

10.02.2017 EUROCHAMP goes into the third round

21.07.2016 1.2 Million Euro for atmospheric scientists

07.10.2014 Bergische Universität measures the air in Bangladesh

19.08.2014 Atmospheric Research From Different Perspectives

13.08.2014 Atmospheric physicist publishes new book

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