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General information

In the course of the project internship, students will be asked to address current questions and methods of atmospheric research. Here, the focus is on independent planning, execution, evaluation and documentation of a challenging experiment. Furthermore, the project internship offers the opportunity to get to know the work of our research group.

The scope of the project internship is approximately 55 hours (supervised) working time in our research group. During the lecture period working time can be divided into several weeks, during the lecture-free time the project is carried out in the block. The exact organization is arranged in consultation with the supervisor. Before the start of the project a sufficient training is to take place.

As a rule, the project is carried out jointly by two students. A joint protocol (15 to 20 pages) will be drawn up for the project. The final exam is a seminar talk of about 45 minutes duration.

Temperature measurement in the high atmosphere

The transition area between the mesosphere and the atmosphere is called mesopause.
This area is characterized by a temperature minimum and lies between 80 - 100 km depending on the season and latitude and plays an important role in understanding the exchange processes between the two atmospheric layers. Of particular importance is the temperature of this height range. For more than 25 years the temperature has been monitored at approx. 87 km with the GRound-based Infrared P-Branch Spectrometer (GRIPS) located in Wuppertal. For details, see "Projekt GRIPS".

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