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Atmospheric chemistry

Events of atmospheric chemistry for the course of studies "Master of Chemistry"

You will find the description of the course in the module manual (pdf).

Further details about Master of Chemistry can be found at the following link.



Modul MChS22: Atmospheric chemistry

2nd and 3rd semester

Responsible for the module: Thorsten Benter



2nd course semester

Lecture "Chemistry of the atmosphere"

Responsible: Thorsten Benter

Teaching Items:

  • Introduction to atmospheric dynamics
  • Radiation budget and spectrum
  • Composition of the atmosphere
  • Photochemistry
  • Chemistry of the troposphere
  • Introduction to heterogeneous chemistry
  • Overview of the chemistry of the stratosphere



3rd course semester

a) Lecture "System Biosphere - Atmosphere"

Responsible: Peter Wiesen

Teaching Items:

  • Material cycles and balance of trace substances
  • Dry deposition
  • Vegetable emissions
  • Microorganisms
  • Circulation
  • Degradation of environmental chemicals

b) Practical Course "Investigation of Atmospheric Processes"

Responsible: Jörg Kleffmann

Teaching Items:

  • Gas phase chemistry
  • Heterogeneous processes
  • Field measurements
  • Computer-aided modeling



Compact course atmospheric chemistry

Responsible Wuppertal: Thorsten Benter / Jörg Kleffmann

Credits: 3

Community event with the research center Jülich and the University of Cologne.

Lectures and exercises on many areas of atmospheric chemistry will be conducted within one week at the research center Jülich. Accommodation and meals are provided in Jülich.


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