School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

ZEBIS - air sampler for isotopes aboard the Zeppelin NT or CASA 212 AR

Deployment of the whole air sampler

The here developed whole air sampler ZEBIS was deployed with great success for the first time in the frame of the large international field experiment COPS/TRACKS in July 2007. COPS (Convective and Orographically-induced Precipitation Study) aims in the investigation of processes relevant for precipitation above low mountain range regions to improve the prognostic quality of orographically-induced precipitation ... [more]

ZEBIS deployment at ZEPTER-2

The second use of ZEBIS took place in October / November 2008 as part of the ZEPTER-2 measurement campaign in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. There, zeppelin-assisted investigations of regional photochemistry and air quality were carried out over different areas of land. ... [more]

CBIS deployment at VERDRILLT

The air sampler CBIS was integrated into the CASA 212 AR for the first time in the VERDRILLT campaign (VERtical Distribution of Radicals In the Lower Layers of the Troposphere). The air sampler worked flawlessly on all three flights of approx. 3.5 hours duration so that a total of 28 air samples could be collected. [more]

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