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ZEBIS - air sampler for isotopes aboard the Zeppelin NT

Brief Description

The air sampler ZEBIS (Zeppelin based isotope sampler) is designed to sample probes of ambient air in special canisters (SilcoCanTM, Restek GmbH). At every single canister additionally a NC magnetic valve (Mouse EV-2M-24, Clippard) is attached. The air samples are taken at different times at different places and are analyzed in the laboratory on stable isotope ratios in volatile organic compounds later on.

An articulated piston pump (NPK 09 DC, KNF Neuberger) provides a continuous flow of ambient air in the tubing system from the inlet to the outlet. At selected times the control electronics opens a defined NC magnet valve of a canister. At the same time the NO magnetic valve (Mouse EV-2M-24, Clippard) behind the canister closes the outlet. This control unit can also be manually operated. The ambient air is pumped into the canister up to a defined excess pressure or for a defined time period. A sampling process ends if the control electronics gives the signal to the magnetic valves to recapture their default position.

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